Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tax Quiz

Preliminary Round
Date : 14/10/08 & 15/10/08
Venue : MS BK1

Date : 16/10/08
Venue : MS BK1 & BK2

The tax quiz was divided into two categories ie, T9(CAT) and F6(ACCA). During the preliminary, there was 10 teams from the ACCA students. Almost everybody came in prepared and was ready to take on the questions. Their fellow classmates also came to give their never ending support *or was it because of the attendance? hmmm.. we wonder* We also would like to apoligize for some technical errors. Forgive us ok? :) In the end, 3 teams from each category was selected to go into the finals based on their final scores.

As for the finals, each team did their very best and the final scores were very close. Congratulations to the winning teams and as for the others, do try again next year ya? I hope that all of us learned something from this activity. Also, a special thanks to the lecturers who were very supportive and gave their full commitment into making this activity a success.

The winners for the F6 category.

2nd place.

3rd place.

The winner for the T9 category

2nd place

The winner with Pn Faridah


and friends.


zesty akhtar said...

worth climbing 13 floors for the tax quiz.. good job evry1... ^_^
btw, bila la they all nak baiki lif kat ujung tu?.. huu..

ZuU said...

zetty thnx mucho..its worth fr every hardwork n sacrifices dat we all mke to hve ppl lyke u n all 2 support!!~


sheikh said...

thanxx guys !!!!!!!!!!!
as a project director , im very happy with all da commitment ...
bez ar kerja ngan korang , seriously fun gler =) ...

congratz 2 apacs comm ..
as zety said , good job every1 !!!

n i really hope student sumer happy with da tax quiz ..