Thursday, October 16, 2008

Formal Futsal

Shirt. Check.
Slacks. Check.
Tie. Check.
Futsal shoes. Check.

Very smart and handsome and pretty right? *i'm sorry to the other 3 ladies teams, I'll upload your pictures as soon as i get them ok?* This was our first time ever organizing such event. It was great to see all the teams giving their full support by being formally attired.

The event was postponed to Thursday since it was raining heavily the day before. Alhamdulillah, it stopped raining right before our game on Thursday and we managed to start on time. The tournament followed a knock-out format. There were 7 teams in the men's category (1 team didn't show up) and 4 teams in the ladies' category.

There were quite a number of supporters who came to support their friends. It was all very entertaining and the teams were evenly matched despite the rain during the finals. In the end, team Selamat Hari Raya and Semut Hitam 2 won for the men's and ladies' category respectively.

We hope that everybody enjoyed themselves. We sure did! *grins*

Sweat dripping.
Clothes soaking wet.
Hearts pounding.
Prize money. Check.


ZuU said...

thnx 2 everybdy who contribute fr formal futsal event..i am totally feel awesome fr yr support!!!!

ZuU said...

congratulate to all winner!!

fr those who didnt mke it..may be thre'll be next tyme..

n those who fell, sliding, tear thier cloth off, injured n get ill bcoz owf rain..i am so sorry fr dat..but i hope u guyz n gurl still wanna join us if thre is sum othr tyme later..

luf u all..thnx~

rudyrizzard said...

next time futsal with kain sarong and baju kurung

sheikh said...

zue , congratzzz 2 u n ucup !!!
personally , i am very happy with da event =) ...

n 2 mr rudy ,
hahaha , gud idea ...
mayb next time we can do dat ..
n hope u can give full support 4 our next avtivity ...
thanxxxx guys =) !!!!!!!!!

rudyrizzard said...

not to worry we will always give our support